CVEI - D5.2 Consumer Uptake Trial Report

Published: May 2019


Author: George Beard (TRL), Lauren Durrell (TRL), Jonathan Kent (TRL), Stephen Skippon (TRL), Neale Kinnear (TRL), Hannah Al-Katib (TRL), Tristan Dodson (Element Energy), Alex Stewart (Element Energy), and Jillian Anable (University of Leeds).

Pages: 290

Reference: PPR4315


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This report represents Deliverable D5.2, Consumer Uptake Trial Report: Mainstream consumers’ attitudes and willingness to adopt BEVs and PHEVs. The purpose of this report is to report on:

  • the method employed for the Consumer Uptake Trial;
  • the data obtained and the analysis performed;
  • the results of full statistical analysis of the key data obtained from the Trial;
  • answers to the research questions defined in the Consumer Uptake Trial design; and
  • evidence-based conclusions from the Trial with regard to how the data have advanced understanding of Mainstream Consumer attitudes to uptake of BEVs and PHEVs, and therefore what the new state-of-the-art understanding of this area is.

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